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Zoophilia is about being attracted to *real* animals and appreciating their *current* beauty, while furfags are interested in anthromorphic animals, thus implying they aren't perfect enough and need to be morphed with humans. These interests contradict each other. I feel like most of the users here aren't zoophiles. I'm a true zoophile who's active with animals, but I don't think I could say the same for furfags who rely on fantasizing instead. It's also weird that even when furfags decide to draw bestiality, they don't even draw animal genitalia at all or they don't draw it right, which means they haven't even seen animal genitalia. Seems like a hint at there being a lot of fake zoophiles.   This isn't an attack by the way, I'm just saying it doesn't make much sense. We need to learn to divide two very different groups.