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My dad texts little poems to me all the time, I decided to post one. Here you go! Wombat If wombats get all big and fat, There must be reasons why. It's not a normal Wombat that Is bigger than the sky. They like to eat just herbs and roots, mosses, leaves and bark. But when they feast on whoopie pies, grow larger than an ark. There's hairy nosed and barey Nosed ones, they waddle, and move slowly, and baby Wombats Weigh two grams, and strangley, They're called joey's. The normal Wombat lives to maybe Ten or so good years, they're furry,wide eyed, pig nosed and they have quite cat like ears. Carver was a Wombat who lived in the brookfield zoo, he lived a happy thirty four, and seven months, that's true. Man's their greatest enemy, but dingoes kill them too. They come in brown and black and grey, and like to hide from you. They're very strong, and love to dig, burrows, hundred feet. They're mammals, and marsupials, And graze at night on treats. Native to Australia, these round and furry blokes, are cousins to koala bears, they tell each other jokes. So now you know your Wombat facts, retain them just in case, You stumble on one in your travels, Meet one face to face. Give him the respect he's earned, And he'll repay in kind, By sharing Wombat wisdom with you, from his Wombat mind.