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FROM 'INVISIBLE LINES' ALBUM - COMING: August 3rd 2018 Listen to Wallace Line by Ha the Unclear: SPOTIFY - http://open.spotify.com/album/4TC7JgY... iTUNES - https://goo.gl/XpWQHH As organisms adapt to changing ecological pressures, evolutionary processes compel strange mutations and variations that facilitate their survival. In 1859, Alfred Russel Wallace noticed a remarkable faunal boundary demarcated by a small 35km strait between Indonesian Islands. To the West were tigers, orangutans, and hoofed mammals, while the East harboured the platypus, kangaroo, koala and other marsupials. An ocean barrier and 50 million years divided them. While the information age has shrunk the gulf between long-distance lovers to the size of a tiny strait, physical absence is still leaving darlings drowned and adrift on the ocean swells... Music video by PG Productions with - Michael Cathro, Kelly Gilbride, Paul Cathro Directed by - Kelly Gilbride Produced by - Kelly Gilbride and Lana Petrovic for PG Productions Director of Photography, Editor, Colourist - Sash Samaratunga Production Designer - Kate Brown Makeup Artist - Elle Bryant Lighting & Camera Assistant - Beren Allen Assistant Producer, First Assistant Director, Unit Production Manager - Ian Neilson Pigeon Costume Design & Construction - Olivia Knight Assistant Production Designer - Lana Petrovic Additional Prop Design & Creation - Catherine Ellis & Craig Freeborn Special Thanks To - NZ On Air Unitec Beren Allen The Flat at Baildon Road LYRICS It's going to feel like 50 million years We change so much over space and time All the water between you and I Just leave me behind I'll never make it across the Wallace Line You'll start wearing a pouch, maybe I'll wear stripes Whatever it is our conditions imply Just leave me behind I'll never make it across the Wallace Line It's going to feel like 50 million years