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This DLC will cover domestic animals for a petting zoo DLC. It will introduce the feature to let guests feed friendly, small animals (as big as goats to as small as rabbits and guinea pigs.) It will also allow guests to ride horses, ponies, camels, and even elephants at select stations you can place at the zoo. A new animal show will be added where a farmer can demonstrate animal herding with sheepdogs. Birds: 1. American Pekin Duck 2. Bronze Turkey 3. Indian Runner Duck 4. Muscovy Duck 5. Old English Game Chicken 6. Plymouth Rock Chicken 7. Rhode Island Red Chicken 8. Rouen Duck 9. Sultan Chicken 10. Sumatra Chicken 11. Toulouse Goose Mammals: 1. Alpaca 2. American Quarter Horse 3. Ankole-Watusi Cattle 4. Arabian Horse 5. Boer Goat 6. Clydesdale Horse 7. Dairy Cattle 8. Domestic Guinea Pig 9. Dutch Rabbit 10. Llama 11. Lop-eared Rabbit 12. Miniature Donkey 13. Navajo-Churro Sheep 14. Nigerian Dwarf Goat 15. Pygmy Sheep 16. Romney Sheep 17. Scottish Blackface Sheep 18. Shetland Pony 19. Shetland Sheep 20. Texas Longhorn Cattle 21. Thoroughbred 22. Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pig ​ [My base game animal roster.](https://www.reddit.com/r/PlanetZoo/comments/bih47h/my_predictions_for_the_animal_roster_base_game/) ​ [My North America DLC.](https://www.reddit.com/r/PlanetZoo/comments/bilz8b/north_america_dlc_pack/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x) ​ More DLC ideas to come! :)