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I will handle this one before the foundation is established. If you are wary of not trusting me, don't donate. But I personally promise to get this panda to Australia Zoo. ****Goal: 1 Million Panda.**** ****Target Date: 28 Feb 2014**** -About Charity Link: https://www.australiazoo.com.au/our-animals/amazing-animals/mammals/?mammal=red_panda&animal=red_panda -Blockchain (see balance): http://panda-explorer.pool.minercoop.org/address/PpjKd5y7X8siSF1c7Qx599hopDrqkB4Ds2 ***-Panda Donation Address: PpjKd5y7X8siSF1c7Qx599hopDrqkB4Ds2*** ------------------- ***Update 1: Have emailed and phoned the Zoo now. Wheels are already in motion for delivering this charity money. Have contacted a local BTC exchange for finding the best process to either bring them on board with us, or just help me exchange the donated pandacoin to BTC to $AUD.*** ***Already at 500K+ Pandacoin donated. WOW*** ------------------ Update 2: Received total: 522,473 PANDA ------------------ Update 3: Received total: 529,718 PANDA ------------------ Update 4: Received total: 564,429 PANDA ------------------ Update 5: Received total: 814,428 PANDA ------------------ Update 6: Received total: 1,027,848 PANDA ------------------ We've hit our 1 million goal. Thank you everyone. Like I said in the OP, target date is 28 Feb 2014, so we will keep taking donations until then. We will then proceed to cash out to BTC and then $, once our charity is ready to accept the donation. Thanks!!! I understand the value is currently a bit low so we will wait it out. Just remember this coin is still only 7 days young!